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Rhianna likes it Hood

So this Saturday I actually celebrated my birthday :) I took my old behind to club 1835 and there were actually a few celebs in the building. Ya Boy was there celebrating (we have the same birthday) and my fav girl Rhi Rhi was there too to partake in the ratchet festivities lol. The DJ was playing her song “we found love” this chick (I love her lol) she said she wanted to hear some “Hood” music she said “Please play Meek Mills “I’m a boss”” she was dancing with her glass in the air next thing I know people started making it rain LOL I sat on this girl’s head because her basic behind was crawling around on the floor picking up the dollars. Ahhh nothing like a ratchet good time to celebrate my birthday lol Shout out to Rhianna they could have played “talk that talk” instead of “we found love”. I like that girl because she doesn’t care what anyone has to say she does what she wants! “THUG LIFE” lol

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