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NBA Lockout

For two days the NBA owners and players along with the commissioner David Stern have been making some progress on salary-cap issues. For the 3rd straight day they are hopefully getting closer to ending the lock out. They planned to turn their attention back to the revenue split. Talks broke down last week over that issue, and they haven’t attempted to deal with it since.
“Owners are insistent on a 50-50 split of revenues; the players’ previous formal offer proposed they get 52.5 percent, leaving them about $100 million apart annually. Players were guaranteed 57 percent in the previous collective bargaining agreement.”
Though the first two weeks of the season have already been canceled, union executive director Billy Hunter has said he believes a full 82-game schedule is still possible if they reach a deal by this weekend.
I know NBA fans will be soooooo happy to be able to get their basketball fix once again. I know I cant wait to see the Lakers play because Indy is killing me smh I wont start on them…

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